Monday, November 19, 2007

We'd Rather Be LARPing - Episode 3

Thanks to How-To-Podcast for helping us out with finding alternatives to our Podcasting problems. So yea onto the new episode.

"On this Episode of We'd Rather Be LARPing"
-New Mics
-Midreign for our Amtgard Chapter; The Freehold City-State of Stone Haven
-Possible Sponsorship from the Amtgard Kingdom, The Celestial Kingdom
-Birthdays Coming Up
-Kathy's December 13th
-Rich's December 16th
-John's December 31st
-Mind's Eye Theater - Changeling: the Lost

Segment 1 - Meta Gaming
-Laws of the Ascension
-Laws of the Wild

Segment 2 - Endings: Characters and Chronicles
-Changeling: the Lost
-Laws of the Night

Sons of Kryos
After Serenity

Music by Etherdust - Take My Place Provided by

Episode 3 Download

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